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Hi. I’m Alex Guymon, or CompuGuy99. I’m a graduating Embedded Software Developer with experience teaching Object-Oriented programming.

I have attended the University of Utah for 4.5 years graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. During the final semester in attendance, I completed a final project emulating the RISC-V architecture across 4 STM32 Blue Pill units with custom PCBs designed to help demonstrate the pipeline of instructions. My colleagues and I have documented the process of forming this project under the group Schmorbonium as linked on the title bar. Go check out our project.

I also have several semesters of experience in teaching Object-oriented programming through working as a teaching assistant with the University of Utah. I have found the experience rewarding and helpful in practicing basic programming principles as I built more complex items of code during other classes. I thoroughly believe this practice is to my benefit as I look to a career in Software and Hardware.

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Hi, my name is Alex Guymon. I built this site using devlopr-jekyll :D