Qt is a slog to download.

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This evening, I was knocking some schoolwork off my TODO list and I needed to reinstall the Qt project stuff onto my Linux install due to me switching back to Ubuntu and getting onto Ubuntu Latest (Mantic if reading in the future). I had done this process before when I was on my college campus and done it twice on a Windows install (which did me very little good due to the program not running on windows for some reason) and my previous installation of Fedora 38. Unfortunately, doing this here at my apartment with a great Google Fiber connection still doesn’t give me any good speeds. At the beginning of the process I got hit with the files downloading at speeds even the slowest snail would pass.

I suppose it’s my fault due to the issue of me choosing to get all the source files instead of just the components I need. But I feel like having the source code is still useful as I can compile my Qt program for my senior project with it still. If I’m missing things I can get it back. But here I am waiting with an average of 80 KB/s download from the mirror the Qt setup program is running. Qt is quite the useful framework and I’ve noticed it more as I have used especially Windows programs. Working with a framework is useful for identifying things in the wild like that. It’s a little bit harder for the Electron framework but still interesting. (Did you know that Eclipse uses Electron in its IDE now? I found out after someone suggested it and I looked at a running instance of Eclipse on windows and found Chromium running as a subprocess of eclipse. Weird!)

I guess I still need to wait 2 hours for Qt to load. If it weren’t so late when I was writing this, I would totally go make a cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll put the computer away for the night and pick up my book. Maybe I’ll start doing book reviews here too. But for now I’ll just be mad that Qt is being slow. Until next time, Live Long and Prosper. 🖖

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